Best H&M Gift Card-2023

Where can I use my H&M gift card?

Where is it applicable? Any H&M and H&M HOME store can be used with your gift card in the country where it was purchased. You can pay in full or in part with your H&M Gift Card. Your gift card will be depleted of the amount applied toward your purchase, and the balance will be shown on your receipt.

Can H & M gift cards be used internationally?

Only purchases made through the H&M app or website in the United States or at H&M retail locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada are eligible for card redemption.

How does H&M gift card work?

In any of our H&M stores, the card can be used to pay for all or part of the purchase. Your credit card will be charged the amount, and your receipt will show any remaining balance. The remaining amount could be used for future purchases, but there will be no change or refund.

Can I use H&M e gift card in-store?

Our gift cards—both physical and e-gift cards—can be used in any H&M store and when you shop at

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